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URL : index.php
Title : Home Page -
Description : is the web portal based on the Jain Community
URL : glry.php
Title : Photo Gallery of Lal Mandir
Description : This url is having number of images and snaps related to Lal Mandir
URL : jin.php
Title : Bhajan -
Description : This url is having number of bhajans related to Lal Mandir
URL : vids.php
Title : Videos and Media Gallery
Description : This web link is concerned with the videos and media gallery including bhajans
URL : feed.php
Title : Contact Us
Description : The page is having contact information. You can mail us with your suggestions and corrections at: &
URL : samo.php
Title : The concept of Samosaran – just like Tirthankar-nam-karan – is only available in Jainism and not in any other religion.
Description : The creation of samosaran is done by four kinds of Dev (Gods) when a Tirthankar attains Keval Gyan (Complete knowledge). The shape of samosaran is either round or even square. It is of about 8 miles i.e. approx. of 1 yojan. This immensely beautiful develo
URL : tirthnkr.php
Title : Tirthankar
Description : One who has attained kevalgyan (liberation) and preaches the right path of liberation, is surrounded by the magnificence of samavasaran and other glories and in whom Tirthankar namkarma has come to fruition, is called a Tirthankar.
URL : chaub.php
Title : 3 Chaubisi
Description : In Jainism, a tirtha is used to refer both to pilgrimage sites as well as to the four sections of the sangha. A tirtha provides the inspiration to enable one to cross over from worldly engagement to the side of nirvana.
URL : sidh.php
Description : Shikharji, also known as the Parasnath Hill, located in Giridih district in Jharkhand, India, is a major Jain pilgrimage destination and is the most sacred place for Jains in the world. According to Jain belief, twenty of the twenty-four Tirthankaras (te
URL : ati.php
Title : Atishayakshetras
Description : There was a cowherd, he used to notice that cow comes home in evening with empty udders. One day he follows the cow and finds that she goes daily to a "Tila" (a small hill of sand) and emptied itself of all the milk she had on the top of that hill. Puzzl
URL : vrat.php
Title : Jain Vrats
Description : Vrata (Vows) is derived from the verb word “Vru” meaning to select. ‘Vrata’ is approximately translated by the English word ‘Vow’. When one makes a resolution to restrain willfully from something with full understanding and faith then that resolution bec
URL : fest.php
Title : Festivals
Description : What is a festival day (Parva - a Jain Festival) according to Jainism? The daily worship is always fruitful and useful for the upliftment of the soul, but the day of festival or parva is a special day of worshipping, a special kind of worshipping and the
URL : recipe.php
Title : Recipes
Description : Our community called Jain community is a vegetarian-food-based community. The important principal behind this strict abstinence is ahimsa and that no harm should come to other living things. The Jain cuisine is made without onions and garlic, and root-ve
URL : bhakt_trns.php
Description : Bhaktamara Stotra is the most famous of the Jain sanskrit prayers. It was composed by Acharya Manatunga. The name Bhaktamara comes from a combination of two sanskrit names, "Bhakta" (Devotee) and "Amar" (Immortal). So, it is said that by recitation of thi
URL : dict.php
Title : Dictionary
Description : The Description of various words and phrases
URL : aao.php
Title : Aao Jain Dharma Ko Jane
Description : Jainism is an Indian religion that prescribes a path of non-violence towards all living beings. Its philosophy and practice emphasize the necessity of self-effort to move the soul toward divine consciousness and liberation.
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